Hardware isolation

Credit card level security technology

Trusted distributed accounting network

0 handling fee, seconds to account
Cross-chain, crexchange, cross-border unilateral
Support for small currency exchange

Intelligent mobile payment system
Developers don't need blockchain technology
GPC API completes docking quickly
Application scenario
Blockchain technology is considered to be one of the most important inventions after the Internet of Things, and its core value of decentralization eliminates the existence of third-party institutions. The GPC Global Payments Chain returns data, traffic and value to trading participants, disrupting the existing offline retail ecosystem through blockchain technology, effectively addressing the shortcomings of the distributed platform. In addition, GPC brings new opportunities for the application of smart mobile payment in the real economy, restructuring the physical retail industry. GPC provides payment functions for merchants through intelligent blockchain intelligent mobile payment, creating an offline payment portal for GPC, allowing consumers to directly use GPC to pay in various payment scenarios in life, so that more users can understand, accept and use. GPC, improving the future value and liquidity of GPC.

Convenient payment
Big Data
New retail
The internet
Global payment chain
GPC's business partners will be located in most cities in China, as well as in cities in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Southeast Asia, with millions of merchants and users.
Convenience store
Foot bath
Global cooperative business distribution
Our goal
Our mission
Our products
Our advantage
Our goal
Reconstruct the already dispersed retail new system with features such as blockchain distributed accounting, non-tamperable, and smart contracts.
Online and offline collaborative service integration model

Open online and offline channels, highly network collaboration
Leading the sharing economy and mass entrepreneurship
Our mission
Create a cryptocurrency merchant payment portal that allows merchants and consumers to share the value of transaction data, explore and promote the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the real economy

Integrate the decentralized retail system
GPC provides a dual currency economic model
When the consumer completes the payment using the QR code, the merchant can obtain a certain GPC as a reward, and the consumer can obtain a certain universal credit. The “Global Payment Chain” will create a new cryptocurrency payment function for foreign entity merchants, creating an offline cryptocurrency payment portal.
On the one hand, GPC token ("GPC") is a data asset certificate for merchants' effective transaction accounting. The more records, the more data assets, and the more value returns are obtained. On the other hand, universal points ("points") represent points in the GPC ecosystem and are a voucher that can be used to deduct consumption or exchange service privileges.

Merchant intelligent mobile payment system

Third party allocation of major networks

Database and all terminal interfaces


The “global payment chain” consists of four parts

Server node composition

P2P dynamic networking

A reasonable business method for offline payments

GPC was born in the retail background and has a better understanding of the issues and needs of offline retailers. In the wave of blockchain technology to enhance the development of the real economy, GPC, through its proprietary point incentive mechanism, provides products and services that better meet market demands, and quickly connects to the pipeline, which in turn accelerates offline smart mobile payments. The arrival of the times.

Large-scale cooperation and merchant resource base

Mining the value of data to achieve cross-sharing of user traffic

It has become WeChat payment, Alipay, QQ wallet, Baidu wallet, Jingdong wallet, UnionPay core authorized service provider, and jointly launched the Spring Rain program with Alipay. It is also the earliest authorized development service provider of WeChat payment, and the first layout of O2O mobile marketing and Mobile payment landing promoters, GPC team's payment system currently serves nearly 300,000 merchants, including KFC, Jingbo gas station, grandmother's home, 7-day convenience store, Chunfeng Power and other well-known brands.

The value of GPC's GPC Token economic model in the secondary market strongly encourages more and more businesses to put transaction data on the chain and thus have their own data asset value. The exchange of privilege and time discounts greatly motivates users to spend on ecosystem merchants to achieve cross-sharing of customer traffic. The dual authorization of data assets and cross-sharing enables blockchains to revolutionize merchants.

Smart contract
Big Data
Data link
Platform application
API interface
Basic software
Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
Cai Zhichuan
President of the Asian Blockchain Society President of Hong Kong Blockchain Asset Management Ltd. Visiting Professor, World Blockchain Business School
Yang Zengrong
Vice President of the Asian Blockchain Society Chairman of Jin Yongxin Capital Co-founder of Hongjing Consulting
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Chen Xiaohang
Vice President of the Asian Blockchain Society Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Institute of M&A Finance Founding Partner of Qinxuetang Asset Management Co., Ltd.
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CEIBS EMBA Master of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Canada Worked at NEC. GemPlus Guided the Royal Canadian Navy's processor course and system development
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Jacky Wu
Master of Integrated Marketing, working in Internet marketing for 13 years Head of marketing at a number of communications companies such as skype Experience in brand public relations and marketing
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From sharing to co-creation, from intelligence to win-win
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Annual industry planning precipitation
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GPC Global payment chain
Reconstruct the already dispersed retail new system with features such as blockchain distributed accounting, non-tamperable, and smart contracts.