Application scenario
Blockchain technology is considered to be one of the most important inventions after the Internet of Things, and its core value of decentralization eliminates the existence of third-party institutions. The GPC Global Payments Chain returns data, traffic and value to trading participants, disrupting the existing offline retail ecosystem through blockchain technology, effectively addressing the shortcomings of the distributed platform. In addition, GPC brings new opportunities for the application of smart mobile payment in the real economy, restructuring the physical retail industry. GPC provides payment functions for merchants through intelligent blockchain intelligent mobile payment, creating an offline payment portal for GPC, allowing consumers to directly use GPC to pay in various payment scenarios in life, so that more users can understand, accept and use. GPC, improving the future value and liquidity of GPC.

Convenient payment
Big Data
New retail
The internet
Global payment chain
GPC's business partners will be located in most cities in China, as well as in cities in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Southeast Asia, with millions of merchants and users.
Convenience store
Foot bath
Global cooperative business distribution
Program advantage
Ecological alliance capability platform decision intelligence
Marketing, e-commerce, collaboration, management, professional services to help you easily achieve intelligent operations
Ecological alliance, traceable throughout
Based on the blockchain technology, the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain are connected through alliances, and the information flow between ecological enterprises is strengthened to realize the integration of resources in the whole industry chain. To achieve product information tracking throughout the industry chain, platform data encryption can not be falsified, reducing transaction friction boundaries and ensuring platform information security.
Ability to platform, expand sustainable
Adopting the cloud service method, the anti-counterfeiting traceability and various common components in the daily operation process of the eco-enterprise are managed in a unified manner on the platform, avoiding redundant construction, and the upper-layer application can be flexibly and continuously optimized by increasing the platform service.
Intelligent decision making, more precise operations
Integrate various data in the circulation process of products, which can be used to mine operational analysis, industrial financing, insurance risk control, etc.