About us
Industry planning precipitation
Since the beginning of this year, everyone talked about new retail, and many experimental products have blossomed everywhere. It seems that a thousand people have a thousand ideas about new retail. Whether it's new retail or e-commerce or traditional retail, there is a common challenge – how to improve efficiency and give consumers a better experience. The Global Payment Chain (GPC) integrates all new retail websites and offline scenarios based on blockchain technology to create a cryptocurrency merchant payment portal that allows merchants and consumers to share the value of transaction data, explore and promote blockchains. The application of technology and cryptocurrency in the real economy. By authenticating the transaction data of merchants and users, the value of transaction data is effectively quantified, and the exchange value is increased by means of the exchange.
Our advantage
Reconstruct the already dispersed retail new system with features such as blockchain distributed accounting, non-tamperable, and smart contracts.

Merchant intelligent mobile payment system
In order to facilitate the merchant, the smart mobile payment system integrates all the payment codes, and the consumer only needs to use one smart mobile payment system to complete the payment regardless of the payment method. With this feature, GPC can be embedded in most intelligent mobile payment systems, becoming a blockchain-based intelligent mobile payment system.

The main function of the “global payment chain” is to pay for the DAPP's payment channel and amount, exchange with the merchant's QR code, and then pay and reward.

P2P dynamic networking consisting of server nodes
GPC plans to build its customer rewards application with BUMO as its underlying technology. The underlying reason is that the GPC team has partnered with 30 projects, some of which have already started operations. This major network has never had a problem since its inception. TPS performance is 2000-3000 / sec, and transaction costs are orders of magnitude lower than Ethereum.
Third party assigns the main network database and interfaces of all terminals
Based on the commercial public blockchain and combined with the GPC utility business, the GPC API re-develops the application layer and encapsulates it into an easy-to-allocate API for distribution and insertion by third-party systems. The integrated GPC Power index is packaged as an application layer to facilitate third-party system docking and distribution and prevent data tampering.